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An assortment of cannabis vapes

Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Vapes

You’re about to sit down with your favourite film, or share a meal with friends. To complete the ritual, you just need to start your sesh. Alas, you don’t want a cloud of smoke, but you need a more immediate impact than a softgel or edible can afford you. Whatever to do? The extract vape has arrived to solve this conundrum.


Unlike dried Cannabis flower, or even dried flower vapes, extract vapourizers are sleeker in design and use an atomizer to instantly heat the cannabis extract in a cartridge, rather than a chamber. In addition, some cannabis extracts are more potent than dried Cannabis flower, since they are concentrated.


Extract vapes or vape pens, as they are more commonly known, can be sold as a standalone cartridge and paired with a battery, or an all-in-one vape pen. A vape pen consists of a cartridge filled with cannabis extract and a battery.


Some vape pens combine both components into a single unit, while others offer a more customizable experience.