Best Things to Do While High

No matter your experience level with cannabis, finding things to do while high tends to be a priority. The many effects of cannabis go hand-in-hand with other activities, elevating them to new levels of enjoyment.   Hence, the team at the Oz Store would like you to know some of the best things to do while high.  

Connect to the Melodies and Rhythms

Enjoy Music

Things to Do While High music An altered state of consciousness can allow people to enjoy music on a deeper level. The effects of cannabis allow users to immerse themselves in the music and connect to the lyrics and melody on a more emotional level.   Experiences do vary but many prominent musicians like Bob Dylan and bands like the Beatles reported experiencing an increased appreciation for their craft after consuming weed. Scientific research shows that music and cannabis affect similar regions of the brain and nervous system, which makes the intertwining of the two a more intense experience.   The sensation of being high can also allow you to appreciate the music’s nuances or intricacies even more. Listening to music after consuming weed can be a great time to go back to your favourite songs or discover new songs and genres of music.  

Experience The Story In a New Way

Watch A Movie or TV Show

Things to Do While High movies One of the more popular things to do while high is to watch movies or TV shows. This is perfect for those moments when being stoned puts you in the mood to kick back and relax.   Your altered consciousness can help you invest in the stories and characters portrayed on the screen. Your appreciation for artistic elements in the movie or TV show, like its camera work, soundtrack, visual effects, etc, can be heightened due to the effects of cannabis.   Hence, this might be a good time to find something new you haven’t experienced before or find something new to love in a past favourite of yours. Do note that weed might make horror movies and thrillers have a much scarier effect than intended, so you might want to stay clear of those.  

Engage Actively With Your Stories

Play Video Games

Things to Do While High gaming The large and expansive library of video games available on almost every platform imaginable is a great addition to the list of things to do while high. The altered senses and perceptions caused by the effects of cannabis can make video games more engaging and entertaining. This could allow gamers to connect and immerse themselves more into the game’s world, story and characters.   However, weed has been known to impact a person’s reactions, coordination and ability to make decisions quickly, all of which are crucial for playing video games. Hence, if you choose to game while stoned, you should probably look for casual options that don’t require or punish those unable to react to unpredictable or high-stakes game situations.   Games like No Man Sky and REZ Infinite present gorgeous landscapes, wondrous soundtracks and relaxing gameplay that anyone can enjoy when stoned. Others like Terraria and Stardew Valley present co-op activities that are relaxing and perfect for cannabis newbies and enthusiasts.  

Unlock The Artist Within

Start A Creative Project

  Altered states of consciousness have been shown to unlock creative tendencies in some people. As such, channelling those euphoric sensations in artistic endeavours has become another common thing to do while high.   You can try any number of creative arts while high, as long as you can stay safe. Writing, drawing, painting, etc, are mostly safe undertakings for those under the effects of cannabis. Other artistic projects like wood carving and sculpting are best performed while sober. These activities involve the use of tools like chisels and hammers that can cause severe harm to an inexperienced hand or an inebriated one.  

Experience the Beauty of the Outdoors

Immerse Yourself in Nature

Things to Do While High outdoors When you are stoned, the effortless beauty of the natural environment can provide peace and relaxation.   The euphoric effects of cannabis can help you appreciate the beauty of nature more. Simple things like walking through a park, sitting by a lake, or just relaxing in a backyard can become transcendent things to do while high.  

Spend Time With Friends

Socialise With Others

  Sometimes, the best things to do while high are best done with company. Getting together with friends and people you trust in a safe environment is fantastic when you are stoned. Your altered states of mind can help you connect on a deeper level. Also, having access to cannabis makes any group activities like playing games, watching movies, exploring nature, etc, far better.   

We’re Here To Help!

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  Finding things to do while high can elevate your experience of cannabis. While the fun factor is tempting, prioritising your safety in all things should be your top priority. That said, you should enjoy whatever you choose to do and fully realise the effect cannabis brings to the table. Please contact us if you are looking to safely acquire cannabis products. The Oz Store is the premier provider of cannabis in Orleans, Centretown and Morrisburg. Our locally-sourced cannabis products are the best on the market. Thanks to our clean and safe environment and our helpful staff, your cannabis experience is sure to be a wonderful one.

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