What's the Difference?

What Are They: CBD vs CBD

What is CBN?

Cannabigerol (aka CBN) is a chemical compound that’s derived from the cannabis plant. It’s concentrations are small when the cannabis plant is fresh. As it ages, or, as the amount of time it spends exposed to light and heat increases, the concentrations of CBN increase simultaneously.


Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBN does not induce psychoactive reactions in those who consume it. Its known more for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and sedative effects. Its potential to provide therapeutic relief to conditions such as glaucoma, bacterial infections and appetite loss is currently under research.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (aka CBD) is a chemical compound which naturally occurs in the cannabis sativa plant. It is one of the more common cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant, THC being another.


Like CBN, CBD does not have psychoactive properties and does not affect one’s perception when consumed. It instead offers many benefits to physical health like pain relief and anxiety reduction. Research on its effects on neurological disorders, skin conditions and cancer is also underway.

Differences Between CBD vs CBN

What’s the Difference Between CBD vs CBN?

CBD and CBN share similarities in where they are located and the effect they have when consumed but they also have some significant differences.


A major difference between the two compounds is that CBD is a more common compound than CBN. CBN appears in lower amounts than CBD in most cannabis strains unless the plant is older.


Also, CBD has received more attention and research, and as such its effects are understood better than CBN. However, CBN and other cannabis chemicals considered minor are receiving more attention to analyze their effects concerning therapeutic uses.


CBD provides relief to pain, inflammation, and anxiety when consumed. CBN on the other hand has a more sedative effect when consumed, so it is used to combat insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Cannabis Consumption Methods

How Are CBD & CBN Consumed?

  1. They can be orally consumed when they are made into tablets, capsules, and oils.
  2. CBD and CBN can also be absorbed through the skin as salves, lotions, balms and creams. This allows their effects to target specific body parts.
  3. Using a smoking device or a vaporizer to turn the chemical compounds into smoke and inhaling them
  4. CBD and CBN can be cooked into food items like chocolate, coffee, gummy bears, and assorted pastries.
Can CBN & CBD be Mixed and Consumed?

The two cannabis chemicals can be consumed after they have been combined. The effects of both compounds can be felt simultaneously and there is also potential that they enhance their effects.


However, research on their combined effect is limited even though many products like capsules, tinctures and topical creams that combine both exist. It is advisable to receive advice from a healthcare professional before using any CBD-CBN supplements.

CBD, CBN, & the Law

The Laws & Regulations of Cannabis

All regulations with regard to the growing, ownership and trading of CBD, CBN, and products that contain them are enforced by Health Canada.


The Cannabis Act, enforced by Health Canada, is a federal law that took effect on October 17, 2018. This act allows adults 18 or older (19 in some provinces) to recreationally use cannabis and establishes guidelines for those who intend to enter the cannabis industry.


CBD is medically and recreationally legal as long as two conditions are met.


  1. It is derived from hemp plants.
  2. The product it is part of does not exceed a THC concentration of 0.3%


CBN, however, does not have any direct mandates or legislation around it. Since it is similar to CBD and comes in minor concentrations, it is considered legal when it meets the same conditions as CBD.


Note that some provinces and territories may have their own regulations concerning cannabis and cannabis-related products. It is always good to ensure your following the laws that apply in your specific location.

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