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Celebrating 4/20 has come to symbolize festivity and international camaraderie among marijuana supporters. This day provides a chance to meet people who are passionate about marijuana culture at everything from festivals and events to intimate get-togethers among friends. But why has 4/20 become such a big day for cannabis and what is its history?

How it All Began

The History Behind Celebrating 420

Early 1970s high school students in San Rafael, California are credited with establishing 4/20 as a major occasion for marijuana enthusiasts. The students, known as the “Waldos,” would gather at 4:20 p.m. after school to consume marijuana and look for a fabled underground cannabis crop. 


The Waldos utilized the phrase “420” as a code for marijuana, and other cannabis users in the region later adopted it. Via word-of-mouth, the phrase gained popularity in the 1990s thanks to the efforts of Grateful Dead fans and cannabis culture lovers.


When 420 grew in popularity, April 20th came to represent the cannabis industry. On this day, people come together all across the world to celebrate their love of marijuana, swap tales, and promote marijuana legalization and other changes to drug laws.

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Tips and Ideas for April 20

Best Ways of Celebrating 420

The commemoration of April 20, sometimes known as 4/20, has grown in importance among marijuana supporters all around the world. People congregate on this day to celebrate their love of marijuana and promote its legalization. 


Smoking marijuana or ingesting cannabis-related items is one of the most typical ways that people commemorate 4/20. Some people decide to do this alone, while others get out with friends or go to public gatherings where marijuana use is permitted.

Get Cozy

Find the Perfect Spot

If you’re celebrating 4/20 with friends, be sure to prepare ahead of time and have a secure space where you can ingest marijuana. This might be your house, a friend’s house, or a place that has been recognized as cannabis-friendly. Make sure you have enough cannabis items on hand and are familiar with local marijuana usage rules and regulations. To make the experience more enjoyable, it’s also a good idea to have some snacks, water, and entertainment available.

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Get Active

Go Outside

Many observe 4/20 not just by smoking or consuming cannabis, but also by going to festivals and events geared toward marijuana lovers. These can be events like concerts, smokeouts, protests, and other get-togethers when people come together to talk, listen to music, and promote changes in drug laws. Art shows and exhibitions that examine issues relating to cannabis culture and the legalization of marijuana are organized by some artists and galleries. Several advocacy groups and organizations also hold educational activities to raise public knowledge of the advantages of cannabis and to push for its legalization.

Get Crafty

Unlock Your Creative Side

Doing marijuana-themed art and crafts is another way that people celebrate 4/20. Making jewellery or apparel with marijuana-themed designs, painting or drawing works of art, or creating bongs or pipes are a few examples of this. 

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Stay Safe

Enjoy Responsibly

Make sure you’re in a safe, legal place where it’s acceptable to consume cannabis if you’re using it in public. When high on marijuana, stay away from the wheel and heavy machinery. Moreover, make sure you exercise caution and moderation. It’s critical to recognize your boundaries and abstain from overindulging, which can have detrimental side effects including anxiety, paranoia, and poor judgment.

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Finding things to do while high can elevate your experience of cannabis. While the fun factor is tempting, prioritising your safety in all things should be your top priority. That said, you should enjoy whatever you choose to do and fully realise the effect cannabis brings to the table. Please contact us if you are looking to safely acquire cannabis products. The Oz Store is the premier provider of cannabis in Orleans, Centretown and Morrisburg. Our locally-sourced cannabis products are the best on the market. Thanks to our clean and safe environment and our helpful staff, your cannabis experience is sure to be a wonderful one.

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