Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Vapes

An assortment of cannabis vapes

You’re about to sit down with your favourite film, or share a meal with friends. To complete the ritual, you just need to start your sesh. Alas, you don’t want a cloud of smoke, but you need a more immediate impact than a softgel or edible can afford you. Whatever should you do? The extract vape has arrived to solve this conundrum.


Unlike dried Cannabis flower, or even dried flower vapes, extract vapourizers are sleeker in design and use an atomizer to instantly heat the cannabis extract in a cartridge, rather than a chamber. In addition, some cannabis extracts are more potent than dried Cannabis flower, since they are concentrated.


Extract vapes or vape pens, as they are more commonly known, can be sold as a standalone cartridge and paired with a battery, or an all-in-one vape pen. A vape pen consists of a cartridge filled with cannabis extract and a battery.


Some vape pens combine both components into a single unit, while others offer a more customizable experience.

What Are The Benefits Of Cannabis Vapes?

Vaping has a variety of benefits over other forms of cannabis consumption. Some of those advantages include: 


Less Carcinogens

Vaping can reduce the amount of possible carcinogens because it involves vapour, not smoke. Vaping also minimizes potential lung damage and reduces second hand smoke exposure.


Discrete Consumption

If you’ve ever tried to hide the smell of weed, you know just how strong that scent can be. Vaping concentrates can give off a variety of scents based on different flavours. Dry herb vapes still smell like weed, but can conceal the scent better.


Versatile Highs

With a cannabis vape, you can set your own pace, microdose, and even leave some for later. Compare this to a joint or a bowl, you’ll probably finish it and if you need more, you’ll have to set time aside to prepare it again.


Affordable & Flexible

There are so many different types of vapes, products, and flavours to choose from – and all at reasonable prices. The price points vary significantly to allow a wide variety of options. 


cannabis vapes, e-dab rigs, and cartridges

Different ways to vape cannabis

There are 3 main different ways to consume cannabis with vapes: vaping cannabis flower, using vape cartridges, and electric dab rigs for concentrates. Each method of consumption has its own benefits and drawbacks.


Vaping Cannabis Flower


Vaping cannabis is a cheaper alternative compared to other vaping methods.  Cannabis flower vapes produces the most “weed-like” smell of all the vaping options and has the possibility of scorching your weed.


Vape Cartridges


Vape cartridges are the most common form of cannabis vapes. The prepackaged cartridges contain cannabis oils that will be vaporizes. There are a variety of different voltages and batteries that can vary the flavours and strength of the hits you take. Cartridges also don’t smell like weed, which helps be more discrete. The only downfall is that vape cartridges won’t really create a body high.


Electric Dab Rigs


Unlike oils and disposable cartridges, you just open the electric dab rig, put the concentrate in it, and turn it on. Concentrates are usually more refined products and allow you to use less amounts to get the same experience. 

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