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CBD oil, otherwise known as cannabidiol is a thick paste that is extracted from the cannabis plant and is refined into oil. CBD oil does not create a “high” effect from ingestion but is commonly used as remedy for anxiety and pain relief. The exact medicinal characteristics are not clear, but there is on-going research being conducted regarding the benefits of using CBD oil.
Cannabis is group of plants that have flowers which are extracted for their psychoactive properties. The three strains of cannabis plants include: cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis. The flowers are harvested, dried, and it results in the commonly used drug called pot, weed, or marijuana.
The government of Canada legalized cannabis in October of 2018. The legal manufacturing and distribution of cannabis products are highly regulated. To ensure that you are using safe products that have been thoroughly tested, it is recommended that you buy cannabis products from licensed distributors.
Cannabis sativa is a strain of the cannabis plant that is associated with the psychoactive and energizing “highs” that come with using cannabis products. It is known as the more stimulating cannabis strain that gives you an uplifting high.
Cannabis indica is the strain of cannabis plant that is highly sought after for its relaxing and calming effects. Using indica cannabis products will likely stimulate your appetite, relief pain, help sleep soundly, and is often best for night time use.
It varies according to dose. In a urine test, you can test positive for cannabis for up to ~21 days following consumption depending on the dosage. Other factors that can affect the duration of your high or the prevalence of cannabis in your system include: level of hydration, how quickly your body processes THC, and frequency of use.
THC is the main psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants – primarily in the cannabis sativa strain. It’s responsible for euphoric highs that result in uplifting and psychoactive experiences.
CBD is the non-impairing and non-euphoric compound primarily found in cannabis indica strains. Although it does not cause a “high” it can potentially help alleviate pain, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep.


Cannabis edibles are any type of food items that have been infused with cannabis extracts. The most common form of edibles are chocolates and gummies.


Edibles contain varying concentrations of CBD & THC. Make sure to carefully read the labels before purchasing and consuming. 

When you consume edibles, the CBD & THC is absorbed into the body via the digestive tract. The active ingredients of CBD & THC are digested, broken down, and metabolized in the liver.


The chemicals are then transported to the brain via the bloodstream and the effects of feeling high start. Compared to smoking weed, edibles take longer to kick in. Because they need to be digested, be mindful of the delayed onset of the effects.

Compared to smoking cannabis, edibles can be enjoyed discretely and don’t pose any risk to your lungs. The variety of cannabis edibles are endless – lots of different flavours, concentrations, and products. If you’re looking for a discrete and long lasting high, edibles are a great choice! 

Compared to smoking cannabis, edibles take time to kick in and for you to feel the full effects. The effects can usually be felt in about 30 minutes and can last anywhere from 2-4 hours. They can even last up to 12 hours depending on the concentrations consumed.


The danger of the delayed effects is overconsumption. Take the appropriate amount of time to feel the effects before deciding to consume more edibles.

It’s not actually possible to “overdose” on cannabis edibles. While nobody has died from overdosing on cannabis products, consuming too much can create an undesirable effect. Make sure to check your concentrations before consuming edibles!

An average edible will contain anywhere from 10-15mg of THC. The doses of THC and CBD can vary greatly depending on the product, but this range will generally be effective for getting someone high. Anything above 20mg of THC would be considered a very high dose.


Vaping is the process of vaporizing liquid concentrates to release its active ingredients in a vapor that you can inhale. It is widely considered that vaping cannabis is a “healthier” alternative to smoking it because the vapor is not as harsh on your lungs.

Compared to smoking tobacco to get a rush of nicotine or smoking cannabis to get high, vaping cannabis offers several benefits, including:


  • Vaping cannabis is discreet and convenient
  • The onset of effects is quick
  • It’s a cost-effective solution for getting a high
  • Vaping is one of the safest methods for consuming cannabis

Smoking: Smoking cannabis involves the lighting of dried cannabis flower to inhale the active ingredients through the smoke. It’s typically done using either a bong, pipe, or a joint.


Vaporizing: Vaporizing cannabis refers to the combustion of dried flower via a vaporizer to turn the THC and CBD components into a vapor that’s meant to be inhaled.


Vaping: Vaping cannabis is different from vaporizing because it uses cannabis liquid extracts which are heated to create a vapor. With no combustion and lower temperatures, the flavor profiles can vary much more.

One of the downsides of vaping cannabis is the initial cost of the hardware. However, it becomes more economical over time. The cost of a cannabis vape can vary significantly based on the quality and the type of products being consumed.


The average cannabis vape can cost anywhere from $40 to $50. Be mindful that buying anything cheaper than that average might result in lower quality components that can break down faster and result in a worse vaping experience. Come check out all of our cannabis vaping products.

When cannabis is inhaled through either smoke or vapor, the active components (CBD & THC) get absorbed into the bloodstream almost immediately. The effects of vaping cannabis can be felt within seconds to minutes. Keep in mind that everybody reacts differently to cannabis products and varying concentrations can results in different experiences as well. The amount that you inhale per a puff can also vary the onset time.

To keep your cannabis vape working at its best, make sure to follow these guidelines:


  • Allow your vape to cool down completely between uses
  • Store your vape in an upright position
  • Keep your cannabis vape stored at room temperature
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight as it can ruin your oil
  • If you’re not using your cannabis vape, disconnect the cartridge from the pen
  • Most cartridges and oils expire in roughly 12 months