Head High vs Body High

Cannabis Strains & Their Effects

The Different Types of Highs

Whether you’re new to using cannabis or consider yourself to be well-versed in getting high, people are still often unsure about the different types of highs. Understanding the difference between a head high vs body high will influence the type of products and strains that you’ll choose to create the experience that you’re looking for. So what is the difference?


We’re not here to get all technical and scientific on you, but we will cover the basics. Regardless of the method that you choose to enjoy cannabis, you’re introducing cannabinoids into your system – either CBD, THC, or both. CBD dominant cannabis products are more relaxing while THC is the component that makes you feel that psychoactive or euphoric “high”. This distinction is important because finding the right ratio of these compounds in specific strains will result in either a heady high or a body high. 



-Typically Associated with a “Body High”


– Typically Associated with a “Head High”

It’s important to note that not all Indicas are relaxing and not all Sativas are stimulating. There are so many hybrid strains available that the effects you’ll experience from one product to the next can vary significantly. We’re here to help you learn which experience you might prefer and how to shop accordingly.  

What Does a Head High Feel Like?

What is a “Head High”?

A head high is experienced from Sativa strains which are packed with THC. A head high is often described as an energetic altered state of perception in which you an experience: enhanced creativity, formulation of deep thoughts, inward exploration, euphoric sensations, uncontrollable laughter, and more.


If you’re about to get physically active, attend a social gathering, or you’re looking for some additional creativity, a head high can help get you into the right headspace and into the zone.


Speak with our team of cannabis connoisseurs to hear their product recommendations if you’re looking for a “head high” experience. We have a wide variety of different strains that are sure to provide you with the high that you want.

More Alertness

Uplifting Mood

Boost Creativity

Feel Energized

a woman cycling with a "head high"



Increased Appetite

Better Pain Relief

More Restful Sleep

Relaxed Mood

a man meditating with a "body high"



What Does a Body High Feel Like?

What is a “Body High”?

A body high is commonly associated with Indica strains, which are CBD dominant. If you’re looking for a chill, relaxed cannabis experience, you’ll want something that gets you a body high. A body high can be described as a relaxing sensation that can feel both heavy and slightly tingly. With a strong body buzz, you’ll feel like you’re so relaxed that you can’t even get up – a perfect feeling for melting right into your couch, going to bed, or taking a nap.


If you’re looking to unwind, relax, and not experience the mind-altering effects of getting high, CBD dominant cannabis products are your best bet. A good choice for ending your day – best consumed in the evenings and nights.


If you need some help finding the right type of products for that chill and lazy high experience, then speak with our team of weed aficionados. We’re here to help you find the right product that will provide you with the effects that you’re looking for.

How to Choose The Right Cannabis Products

Head High vs Body HigH

Know What Kind Of Experience You’re Looking For

Figure out what kind of mood you’re in and what type of experience you’re hoping for. Whether you’re looking to go on a trip, chill out, or get a solid nights sleep, we’ve got something for every type of cannabis experience and user. If you’re looking for some more guidance in understanding the differences between a head high vs body high, contact our team and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions!


Understand Your Tolerance

It’s important to know your limits – that’s why we highly recommend starting at lower doses and gradually working your way up. Some products may be a bit too potent for first time users, so make sure to read the labels carefully and start experimenting!


Decide On the Method of Consumption

Each method of cannabis consumption has its own unique benefits and drawbacks. Are you looking for something to hit you instantly, or do you want a tasty treat that takes time to kick in. There are countless ways to enjoy cannabis products – each resulting in their own unique high experience.


The Amount of CBD vs. THC Content

Get to know the varying levels of CBD and THC found in different products. Remember, higher levels of CBD are for a more chill high, while high levels of THC are for a more psychoactive and energetic experience. If you need product recommendations, please don’t hesitate to ask our team!


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