Understanding Cannabis Product Labels

How to Understand & Read Cannabis Product Labels

Important Terms

All cannabis product packages vary in their size and shape but they all follow the same labelling requirements. Arguably the most important information on a product label is the concentration of both THC & CBD.


THC – Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol

THC is the component of cannabis products that’s responsible for the psychoactive and euphoric effects of being “high”.




CBD is the active chemical compound found in cannabis products that’s associated with feelings of relaxation.


Cannabis products can vary significantly in their concentrations of THC & CBD and you need to carefully read the label to understand what type of product you’ll be consuming. 

Cannabis Label Guide

Information on Cannabis Product Labels

Common Elements on Cannabis LAbels
Guide to Cannabis Labels

1. Standardized Cannabis Symbol

Every licensed cannabis product that contains more than 10μg per gram of THC requires this specific “THC” symbol.


2. Brand Name & Logo

A cannabis product label should include the brand name of the product and will also typically include a logo.


3. Excise Stamp

An excise stamp should be found on all products that are legally licensed and are intended for the excise duty-paid market. The stamp contains unique features that allow retailers, consumers, and law enforcement agencies to easily identify illegal products.


4. THC & CBD Concentrations

The front of all labels should include the concentrations of both THC and CBD. There are typically two different amounts of THC and CBD levels on product labels because one is intended for dried cannabis where the cannabinoids haven’t been activated, while the other is for products where they have been activated during production.


The first amount is the quantity of THC and CBD as purchased, and the second amount is the “Total THC & CBD” amounts when the product is used and intended.


5. Health Warnings

There are certain risks when using cannabis that are still not fully researched or understood. All licensed cannabis products should have a health warning message in a yellow box that outlines the potential health risks associated with consumption.

6. Mandatory Product Information

This section of the label includes: the class of cannabis product, net weight and number of units, dried cannabis equivalent, recommended storage conditions, a warning statement, lot number and packaging date, contact information, and the specific intended use of the product.

7. Ingredients List

Ingredients will be listed by order of weight in a descending orientation. All cannabis edibles and extracts should list food allergens and the presence of either gluten or sulphites.

8. Nutrition Facts

Nutrition facts are required on the product labels of all cannabis edibles.

9. Optional Product Information

This section is not required by Health Canada, but it provides an additional opportunity for the manufacturers to include relevant information like: how to use the product, the expiry date, the specific strain name, and any other additional warnings or precautions.
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