Why Does Weed Give You The Munchies?

Why Do I Feel Hungry When I'm High?

Weed Munchies – Explained

If you’ve just taken an edible or smoked some weed, it won’t take long before you start getting the “weed munchies” and scarf down any junk food that you see in sight. But why does this happen?


Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive component in cannabis that’s the main culprit of causing the munchies. In this edition of the Oz Store blog, we’ll be diving into how the weed munchies work, what causes them, and what type of foods you’ll like gravity to and why.

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THC & Your Appetite

How Do Weed Munchies Work?

In order for any type of drug to work, it needs to find receptors to interact with in the body. One of the main compounds from cannabis products that interacts with receptors to induce appetite is THC – the psychoactive constituent of cannabis. It interacts with the central nervous system and can affect our appetite in a variety of ways.


First, the consumption of weed with varying levels of THC can impact the secretion of a hormone that signals the brain that your body is hungry – ghrelin. Research shows that marijuana has the ability to release ghrelin and in turn, give you the munchies.


THC will also increase the release of dopamine, which can enhance the satisfaction and pleasure of eating – which makes food much more enjoyable. Lastly, our bodies have specific neurons that turn off when eating and consuming THC can actually stimulate more eating when weed is consumed by keeping those neurons firing.

Specific Cravings With Weed Munchies

What Types of Food Do You Crave When High?

It can vary from one person to the next depending on their preferences, how high they are, and the types of cannabis products that they’ve consumed. Although unusual cravings can definitely be a think, there are more universal cravings that are quite common.


Due to the increase in dopamine when consuming cannabis, calorie-rich, sugary, and fatty foods trigger an even more intense feeling of happiness and satisfaction when consumed high. A combination of different types of foods is an experience that we would recommend, like trying combinations of sweet and salty snacks.


Some snacks that our team of cannabis experts and enthusiasts recommend to eat when you’re high include: nachos, grilled cheese, pop-tarts, pizza, and ice cream – all your favourite food groups! 

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